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Electro-Sentry 1 Hazard Monitor

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Electro-Sensors, Inc. Releases the Electro-Sentry 1 Hazard Monitor for Bucket Elevators and Conveyors
Minnetonka, MN—Electro-Sensors, Inc. announces the release of the Electro Sentry 1 hazard monitor, a system commonly used on grain elevator legs to monitor critical points for shaft slowdown, belt misalignment, bearing temperature and system run-time.
As part of a dust explosion prevention program, it provides an early warning of machinery failure and protects against catastrophic breakdowns resulting in less machinery damage and process downtime and a safer work environment.
The Electro-Sentry 1 provides 13 analog inputs and eight relay outputs. The sensors provide a standard 4-20mA signal compatible with I.S. barriers, PLCs, and data acquisition systems.
All sensor values and alarm conditions are displayed for instant visual verification of proper bucket elevator operation. Actual temperature or speed readings for each sensor are always visible along with three LED status lights: GREEN for normal, YELLOW for warning, and RED for alarm. By always displaying actual sensor readings, operators can clearly see normal operating values and more readily identify early equipment problems.
The Electro-Sentry 1 is extremely easy to wire, setup and troubleshoot. All operator, calibration and troubleshooting instructions are printed directly inside the cover, on the face or inside the housing – no printed diagrams or manuals are required.
The Electro-Sentry 1 has also made testing your system easy and fast with its unique one button push-to-test that verifies proper operation of the sensors, set points and alarm output relays.
Electro-Sensors, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of machine monitoring sensors and hazard monitoring systems. Since 1965, we have been delivering the most rugged and reliable machine monitoring solutions to customers world-wide.We pride ourselves on supplying easy-to-install, complete systems designed to last for many years of accurate service

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