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Safety in the cargo tank

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The VEGA multi-sensor flange allows a reliable and simple installation of measurement technology and hand sounding on a single dome. Due to the central arrangement of the level, pressure and alarm sensors, only one tank table must be drawn up and the complex correction tables for the tanks can be done away with. Another plus: the mounting costs for the shipyard and the servicing costs for the shipping company are considerably reduced.

The plics® line of sensors developed by VEGA Grieshaber KG offers a standardised housing, indicating and adjustment concept. The compact plics® sensors allow a centralised layout of level, pressure and switching instrumentation on a single multi-sensor flange. Through the simple project planning and central mounting of all measuring points, shipyards save the costs of additional domes and their coatings as well as correction tables.

The task of continuous level measurement in the cargo tank is taken over by the radar sensor VEGAPULS 63. Its encapsulated antenna system with absolutely front-flush antenna allows quick, uncomplicated cleaning of the tanks. The easily understandable setup software enables quick and simple setup and commissioning and the illuminated on-site indication gives the crew confidence when checking the levels on deck.

The pressure transmitter VEGABAR 52 in absolute pressure version measures the internal tank pressure. Its ceramic-capacitive CERTEC® measuring cell with self-monitoring function allows precise and reliable monitoring of the cargo tank.

The wear-free vibrating level switch VEGASWING 63 operates as a sensor for high and high-high alarms. The robust construction, the hard-wearing tuning fork and the reliable switching in changing products predestine the level switch for use as a cargo tank alarm system on chemical tankers. The test key on the instrument – service proven and officially stipulated in the chemical and petrochemical industry – guarantees a 100% check of the complete signal chain from the sensor to the signal conditioning instrument.

The additional UTI socket for hand sounding mounted on the multi-sensor flange makes the required system tests easier for crew and inspectors on board.

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