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Motor and Motion Controllers - MS332

Mã sản phẩm: MS332
Nhà Sản Xuất:

The first fully-digital, bi-directional event synchronizer with electronic gearing/lineshaft functions for use with AC and DC variable speed drives
The MS332 is the new standard for advanced motor control solutions requiring precise control of speed and angular position with no gain or loss of shaft revolutions. In the electronic gearing mode, the leader and follower motor or machine shafts are equipped with quadrature pulse generators such as incremental shaft encoders or NEMA C flange motor ring kits that allow for ratio scaling capabilities for virtually any ratio. This capability eliminates costly machine shutdown to change mechanical gearing. In the "event" phasing mode an index "event" pulse from the master and follower machines signal events to occur at any point selected by the operator. All calibration parameters have digital values "no potentiometer adjustments" which greatly simplifies system installations.
Electro-Sensors, Inc. provides only the motor controllers and feedback devices (ring kits or rotary shaft encoders) and is not responsible for the selection of motors and drive equipment. Electro-Sensors, Inc. does not provide systems design, integration, or installation services. Contact your local systems integrator or electrical contractor for these services. Proper installation of Electro-Sensors, Inc. equipment is the sole responsibility of the purchaser and is in no way guaranteed by Electro-Sensors, Inc.
Standard Features:
Auto Teach Function-During setup, the controller automatically calculates the precise speed ratio between the lead and the follower systems. This feature eliminates the guesswork in determining speed ratios and machine gearing. This capability can potentially reduce setup times from hours to minutes.
Machine Trending Feature-The MS332 constantly measures the machine's pulse per index values and adjusts the speed to keep the machine running in phase. By monitoring performance trends speeds are adjusted to compensate for system imperfections, i.e., machine wear, product deviation, etc.
Programmable Event "Phase" Matching-Allows phase match patterns beyond one master event per one follower event, which enables you to select an event skip pattern. This results in greater flexibility when transitioning from various motion devices i.e., rotary cutters, print heads, die cutters, etc.
Programmable Event "Phase" Matching Rate-Allows gradual phase correction of machines over multiple cycles. This is beneficial on machines where large, abrupt phase corrections could cause damage.
Fully Digital Setup-All calibrations parameter values are adjusted and entered numerically at the keypad. No potentiometers to adjust. This dramatically reduces setup time.
Programmable Flash Memory-With this feature the MS332 may be easily programmed with custom software from a laptop PC in minutes. No time consuming disassembly required.
By Far The Industry's Smallest Unit-Less than 1/2 the size of any competing controller.
With A Control Loop Less Than 1 Millisecond-The MS332 is the fastest controller of its kind in the industry.
All Diagnostics Are Accessible-Through the front panel for easy setup and trouble shooting.
Selectable keypad lock out for security.
Eight Optically Isolated Inputs-One dedicated to run/stop and seven for user selectable control modes and options.
Four Programmable NPN Open Collector Outputs-For alarm and status indication.
Four Programmable Set Points-For use in any mode, i.e., master, follower, or phase offset.
Two independent 12 bit, analog speed reference outputs. Previously unavailable in a single controller, this feature allows one MS332 to control and synchronize both a master control loop and a follower control loop simultaneously. This eliminates the expense and extra wiring of a two-controller system.
Two isolated analog inputs programmable for feedback signal, lead signal, master set point, follower set point, and set point trim. These signals are typically generated from sources such as a PLC, load cell, dancer, or master speed potentiometer.
Optional in-line differential line-driver encoder adapter. Adapts differential encoder output signals to the MS332's single-ended encoder inputs. This small, in-line terminal-plug adapter requires no mounting or additional cabling and also provides a 5Vdc/550mA alternative to the MS332's standard 12Vdc/300mA encoder power. This option is ideal when using AC vector drives that are normally equipped with this type encoder, or when long encoder transmission distances require the use of line driver encoders.
Exclusive, OEM chassis mount version. This version of the MS332 may be installed inside an existing control enclosure and may be interfaced to a system's PC, PLC, or RS 422 Modbus interface for use with a touch screen.
Absolute encoder interface. Unavailable in any other digital controller. This feature is designed to enable the MS332 to provide virtual automatic phasing without the need to fully cycle the machine. This ability saves downtime and reduces waste

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